Training Reports
Want more data from your workouts?
Get detailed workout reports for the effort that you have been putting into your training sessions.
  • Workout Summaries
  • Body Progress
  • Training Stats
  • Training Breakdown
  • Graphs and Charts
Compare Your Stats
Measure your workout stats with other members
Using your workout data; compare your training logs, body stats, workout summaries, and more with your friends
Workout Summaries
Assess your workout stats and training progress
As you record workouts with the app, you will receive a workout summary of the training session
Via your Elite account, you will be able to view progress for all of your completed workouts
Premium Workout Programs
Download exclusive workout routines and store more in your account
With access to premium workout routines, you can download over 60 exclusive Elite member only training programs. With these routines, members are able to download and store an unlimited amount of programs to their profile
Ads Free
Tired of the advertisements?
With your Elite status, all ads will be removed allowing for a better experience while using JEFIT
Priority Support
Your success is our priority!
You can count on the support team to provide you with fast efficient customer support for all emails and questions. Requests will be processed within 48 business hours.
Support the Team and Site
With your membership, you are supporting the JEFIT Team.
Have we helped improve your life, well being and workouts? We hope so.
With your subscription, you are keeping JEFIT alive so that we can continue providing you this service we love as well as hire more developers and designers to work on new updates.



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