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Join the JEFIT community in a new fitness challenge every month available to both iOS and Android users! Each challenge focusses on a different exercise and is a great way to add something new to your fitness routines. The first monthly challenge is the May Beach Body Challenge. No need to sign up to participate, you just need to log 20 crunches (of any type – full list below) on 18 different days in May. Users who complete the challenge will be rewarded with exclusive in-app badges that will never be available again as well as some iron points! Show off your dedication to fitness and your consistency with JEFIT. Keep reading below for more information on the monthly fitness challenges.

How to Find the Monthly Fitness Challenge Page

  • Navigate to the Discover tab and then tap the “Beach Body Challenge” button
  • This brings up the Fitness Challenge hub where you can see more information on the contest rules, your progress, and the prizes.

Track and log your workouts as you normally would, while adding an additional set of 20 crunches to your routine. You can visit the Monthly Fitness Challenge page to check your progress or see stories from other community members. Check back on the first of each month to see what the next challenge will be!

Full list of eligible crunch exercises:

  • Bench Crunches
  • Bench Oblique Crunch
  • Cable Crunch
  • Cable Crunch Rotation
  • Cable Reverse Crunch
  • Cable Rope Crunch
  • Cable Rotational Crunch
  • Cable Rotational Crunch
  • Cable Seated Crunch
  • Cable Standing Crunch
  • Cable Standing Oblique Crunch
  • Cross Body Crunch
  • Crunch with Hands Overhead
  • Crunches
  • Decline Bench Cable Crunch
  • Decline Crunch
  • Decline Oblique Crunch
  • Decline Reverse Crunch
  • Gorilla Chin-Up with Crunch
  • Lying Cable Crunch
  • Machine Ab Crunch
  • Machine Crunch
  • Oblique Crunch
  • Reverse Crunch
  • Rotating Crunch
  • Rotational Crunch
  • Stability Ball Cross-Leg Crunch
  • Stability Ball Crunch
  • Stability Ball Crunch
  • Stability Ball Extended Arm Crunch
  • Stability Ball Incline Ab Crunch
  • Stability Ball Reverse Crunch
  • Stability Ball Reverse Crunch
  • Stability Ball Side Crunch
  • Stability Ball Side Crunch
  • Stability Ball Single-Leg Crunch
  • Stability Ball Straight-Leg Crunch
  • Tuck Crunch
  • Weighted Crunches
  • Weighted Decline Crunch

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