Routine Sharing and Database Back Up!

Hello All,

We are thrilled and pleased to announce that the Routine Database and Public Routine Sharing is back up!

You are now able to take the routines that you have created and share them with the JEFIT Community and your fellow members.

New Submission Review

When submitting a routine to the routine database, your workout program will have to go under review by the JEFIT Team to make sure that the routine does not contain copyright material, is not plagiarized, is spam or a duplicate routine that has been submitted multiple times.

This new method has been put into place to protect our routine database, protect the routines that are being submitted to the database and make sure none of the routines contain copyright material which would violate DMCA rules and regulations.

Again we hope that you all understand the reasoning as to why we had to temporarily take down user-submitted routines and that we have put these new review options in place to protect our routine database and make sure that the routines that are being submitted are of user creation and origin.

Thank you again for all of your support and we hope that everyone is enjoying the latest updates to the Android and iPhone Apps!

– JEFIT Team

Workout Routines Created By JEFIT

Hello All,

We would like to thank you for your ongoing support and usage of the Jefit Workout Application and Website.

We just wanted to inform you all that we have released our own JEFIT Team Workout Routines that you can download and use for yourself with application. Many of these routines range from Jefit Beginner to Advanced, Six Pack Abs, Bigger Arms, 5 Day Muscle Mass Split and many more routines that we have created and offered for our users.

Jefit Featured Routines

These routines will also be readily available on the next Jefit Android Update, which is currently being worked on. With this new functionality there will be a new page on the Routine Manager page where you will be able to select through the routines that you currently have available or download new ones, such as the ones that we have created or other routines off of our database

Also with our last update to the Jefit Routine Database you are now able to share any routines with your social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Email to Friends). Once you upload or find a routine that you like, you can click on any of the buttons on page to share with your social media pages/tools.

As stated we are working on the next Android Update which will include a major layout update to the application making it much more user friendly and organized. We will also be fixing some bugs and adding in a few new features which will are planning on a tentative release for either later this week or next.

We appreciate your time and support as we work forward on the release of these updates and hope that you all enjoy and use the routines that we have created!

– Jefit Development Team