Routine Sharing and Database Back Up!

Hello All,

We are thrilled and pleased to announce that the Routine Database and Public Routine Sharing is back up!

You are now able to take the routines that you have created and share them with the JEFIT Community and your fellow members.

New Submission Review

When submitting a routine to the routine database, your workout program will have to go under review by the JEFIT Team to make sure that the routine does not contain copyright material, is not plagiarized, is spam or a duplicate routine that has been submitted multiple times.

This new method has been put into place to protect our routine database, protect the routines that are being submitted to the database and make sure none of the routines contain copyright material which would violate DMCA rules and regulations.

Again we hope that you all understand the reasoning as to why we had to temporarily take down user-submitted routines and that we have put these new review options in place to protect our routine database and make sure that the routines that are being submitted are of user creation and origin.

Thank you again for all of your support and we hope that everyone is enjoying the latest updates to the Android and iPhone Apps!

– JEFIT Team

Site update notes, JEFIT v3.1 will be released in mid-November.

We just added our exercise database to, now you can view exercise pictures and tips on this site.

V3.1 is still under development, The Estimated time of arrival is in mid-November.

V3.1 will allow users to synchronize  their data to our server,and will be able to view their workout routines, body stats progress and workout progress online.

V3.1 will also have the ability to add/edit/delete past body stats.

JEFIT v3.1 is under development. Resume weekly update.

JEFIT v3.1 is under development. we resume weekly update.

JEFIT v3.1 will include all online features, such as synchronizing data to server,online backup, exercise sharing, routine sharing, and you will also be able to view your progress on your computer. We don’t have EAT. at this moment yet. But We will let you guys know soon. Before releasing v3.1, we resume weekly update.

Jefit v3.0 is in final testing stage. We need more testing backup files.

Jefit v3.0 is in final testing stage. We already have some testing backup data sent by users. All  of these backup files passed DroidFit-to-Jefit updating tests. However, we would like to get more testing backup files from users to make sure no bugs in Jefit. If you like to help out testing, please send your backup file to

How to get your backup file?

1. Open DroidFit and click on  -> Profile – > Export

2. New backup file will be created in your SD card at /sdcard/droidfit/droidfit.bak

3. send droidfit.bak to


We are growing – Brand Name Changed.

We are here to announce that we have changed our product name from DroidFit to Jefit. We  have changed our name to differentiate our product from the rest of the market.  The product will continue to have the same high level of quality that you expect but just a different name.  We look forward to continuing  to provide an excellent product for you and stay tuned for future updates.   Thank you.

Jefit team.