Elite Website Update

Hello All,

We are proud to announce that we’ve updated our JEFIT Elite Service on the website

With this update for Elite, we have completely changed the layout of the webpage to display your training reports and stats.

With these UI changes that have been made we have also added new features to the Elite service to allow you to compare your workout data with your friends on JEFIT.


Whats New


1.) New UI / Webpage Layout

With the latest changes that we have made to the Elite membership, we have also released a new UI design to both the JEFIT Website and the Elite Page.

To Access your Elite Reports, Graphs and Charts you will click the “My Reports” button on your My-JEFIT Profile Page.

On the My-Reports page you will be able to access your report information and training stats via the new tab navigation.

Go to http://www.jefit.com/my-jefit/training-reports/ to view your Training Reports.


2.) New Training Progress Page

The first thing you will notice about your Elite Training Reports is that there is a change in the UI.

Previously the graphs/charts and workout data was located on a singular page.

Now on the new Training/Overall Reports you will be able to view :

  • Total Workout Summary/Data
  • Training Breakdown
  • Total Weight Lifted
  • Total Session Time
  • Total Lifting Intensity
  • Total Number of Exercises Completed
  • Total Number of Records Broken
  • Your Profile Insight


Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 4.00.34 PM

3.) Compare Stats with Friends

Another new feature added to the Elite service is the ability to compare your body and training stats with your friends on the website.

By adding friends on JEFIT you will be able to track and measure your training stats with those who potentially might be performing the same routine as you.

On the page you will be able to compare your :

  • Total Workout Summary
  • Training Breakdown
  • Total Weight Lifted
  • Total Session Time
  • Total Lifting Intensity
  • Total Number of Exercises Completed
  • Total Number of Records Broken
  • Progress of Benchmark Exercises
  • Progress of Favorite Exercises
  • Body Stats Summary
  • Body Goal Progress
  • Before And After Pictures
  • Profile Insight

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 4.25.19 PM


We appreciate all of your support and patience as we work forward on bringing you this new update as well as many new changes and features!

Thank you for your ongoing support!

– JEFIT Development Team

Jefit Android Free and Pro Update

Hello All,

We have released a bug fix update for the Android Free and Pro Applications due to some issues from the last release that users were experiencing.

Bug Fix List

1 .) Bug-Fixed : White font (Box) on white button bug in Motorola Defy device

2.) Bug-Fixed : Random crash on chart viewing page.

3.) Improved : Reduced memory footprint. Fixed crash due to low memory issue.

4.) Improved : Minor UI changes. Lock few screen rotation for pre-honeycomb devices. (Note) Go back to previous page to change between portrait and landscape mode.

5.) New Feature : Simple pop-up tutorial guide for new users.

6.) Bug-Fixed : Fixed “BEAT IT” function on exercise recording page.

What Is Next

We have been working on the latest update for the iPhone/iOS Application but now our main focus turns towards improving and updating our iOS Applications.

Again thank you all for your support and your usage of the Jefit Workout Application and the Jefit Website!

– Jefit Development Team