30,000 Facebook Likes and Update Notes!

Hello All,

We have just reached 30,000 likes!

Thank you all for your support and usage of Jefit! We truly appreciate it!

Right now we are currently working on the next Android Update and redesigning Public Profile pages to match the revamped My-Jefit Profile Pages.

If you are looking to get more out of your My-Jefit profile pages and more active new feed, add these active Jefit Members










Share your username and profile page here on our Facebook page so other members can find you, add you as a friend and offer up support for your fitness goals!

Thank you all again for your support!

– Jefit Development Team

Give Us Your Feedback on New Profile Pages!

Hello All,

This week has been huge for Jefit with the recent release of our brand new revamped My-Jefit Profile Pages!

We have had a surge of users log into their personal profile pages, start putting up some statuses, recording body stats and training logs, sharing routines and managing their personal goals.

Our question to you all is, what do you think of the new layout?! Do you like the new changes and features that have been made? Is there something that you would like to see integrated into the new profile pages?

Share with us your feedback, suggestions or just give us a review on what you think about the brand new My-Jefit Profile Pages!

We thank you all for your support and usage of Jefit!

– Jefit Development Team