Join the Jefit Group Exercise Contest Launching in October

The Jefit team is happy to announce the start of the second group exercise contest beginning in October. Groups can have up to five participants and earn points together for Jefit awards. Get your team together, there is still time to join, you have up until November 30, 2021. Winners of the group contest will earn the following:

  • Top three groups earn one-year of Elite membership and 12,000 consumable iron points.
  • 4th – 10th place finishers receive 6-months of Elite and 6,000 consumable iron points.

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Results From the First Group Exercise Contest

Members recently completed the first Jefit group exercise contest on both iOS and Android platforms. Each group, made up of three to five members, worked out together virtually using the Jefit app. The group contest took place over a three month period. In the end, the team earning the most iron points won. The winners of the first group exercise contest, using the Jefit app, included five men. The Jefit usernames from the winning team are mentioned below. Congratulations to each one of you!

  • j4last
  • River_West
  • RobRK
  • dwideman
  • JeremyMcJunkin

This group of five scored between 8,029 and 17,111 total iron points each when all was said and done. There overall total was an impressive 61,590 iron points. The individual with the most overall iron points, however, was BereniceG, on the third place team, with a great overall score of 21,111 points – terrific job! Below are some comments from a few question that we asked the winning team via Jefit’s first group exercise contest. We thought they were very insightful and wanted to share with our community. Good luck in the next individual or group contest that you choose to participate in!

Jefit Group Contest

Rather than give you a bunch of reasons why you should participate in one of the Jefit group or individual contests, instead, here are a few comments from some of the winners from the first group contest.

What did you like about the group exercise contest?

  • “I knew that consistency and engagement was super important for the contests.”
  • “I like competition in general so it sort of gave me something to look forward to beyond my normal workouts.”
  • “It seemed that the contest rewarded behavior we were all engaging in already so sticking to that was easy.”

 Was the group exercise contest motivating?

  • “having teammates kept me more accountable.”
  • “I can’t say that it was. Not because I don’t care, but l have external motivators that have a deeper meaning to me than the contest. It was really more of something for fun that I was invited to so I wanted to take the opportunity to maybe make some friends and compete in something.” 
  • I think the reason our group meshed well was because we’re all consistent in general as well as having members who are really active with community engagement.
  • “What I do find motivating is the social aspect of Jefit. Seeing other peoples workouts, commenting on them and receiving comments from others.”

Did it help your training for those 3 months?

  • “I didn’t want to let my teammates down. It got me up and to the gym more than once.”

Take advantage of both the group exercise and individual contests alike on the Jefit app. It’s a great way to change things up a bit, earn a bunch of iron points and receive Elite for a period of time. Stay strong with Jefit!

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