Upload Progress Pictures

Uploading progress pictures in the app is not automatically synchronized to the cloud server in order to protect the privacy and confidentiality of our members.

Thus, we have a developed a feature that will allow our users to choose which progress pictures they want to share with the JEFIT community.

Here is how uploading progress pictures in the app can easily be done through the app successfully.

Uploading Progress Pictures:

IOS app:

You are able to upload progress pictures taken with your phone’s camera and upload them to your online profile for your account.

  • First of all, open the app then go to your “profile page” and access your progress pictures”. 
  • Then click on the button with an arrow pointing upwards or the “Upload” icon.

s1.png   s3.png

  • JEFIT will take the list of progress pictures currently stored within your application. Then it will allow you to decide on which ones that you would like to upload into your online profile.
  • Make sure to click only the pictures you would like to upload to the web or as a backup.
  • Finally, click on the upload button.



Android app:

  • Opening the application you will click on the main slider navigation and select the “Progress Pictures” tab.
  • Click on the button with an arrow pointing upwards above a rectangular line underneath it or the “Upload” icon.

progressphotoandroid.png Uploading Progress Pictures


  • Then, JEFIT will take the list of progress pictures currently stored within your application. It will allow you to decide on which ones that you would like to upload into your online profile.
  • Click on the checkboxes to select which checkboxes you would like to upload.
  • Finally, click on the upload button.



Once the picture is synchronized, your pictures can be viewed online at www.jefit.com. Creating a backup copy online is not necessary but can be helpful especially when there is a need for you to uninstall the app.

Workout tracker v9.9 tips & guide

Please note: although this post was written for JEFIT workout tracker iOS version, it applies to Android version as well. We have already implemented the similar design for our Android version a while back.

We recently released a major iOS update focused on improving the user experience, especially toward the workout data tracking component. Some of you might find it a bit different than the previous version. We hope this guide will help you better understand the benefits of this new design and how things work differently now.

1. Cleaner & Simpler workout tracker without losing any functionality.

workout tracker demo
workout tracker demo

It might look like the last workout logs section is missing, but it is still there. The placeholders (text in gray) of text fields are your Logs from the Previous training session. If this was your very first session for the exercise, we will use a default value for the weight, and planned (target) value for your REP). As soon as you enter the weight/rep and recorded for your very first set, we will load them to your second set.


2. Easier to modify logs / correct data entry mistakes.

Compare to the previous version,  you no longer need to go to a separate screen (log history) for making data entry changes.


3. Easier to adjust set count permanently (or temporarily).

In this version, you no longer need to go back out to the planned exercise list page to adjust the set count.


4. Easier to navigate between exercises

Navigating between exercises can now be as easy as a single swipe or single click on the exercise name. You can use this feature to make changes during rest time much easier.


5. Better experience on continuing unfinished sets.

When you back out to the planned exercise list screen and back into the workout tracker screen, we will auto fill the data for your finished sets. If you need to start from set 1, you can simply edit the preloaded data.


6. Much Better experience on Super-set exercises.

Super-set data editing has been a long time issue in our previous version, it used to be a nightmare when you try to edit super-set logs, especially when you back out to the planned exercise list page while only partial of a super-set exercises were recorded, it was very difficult to continue the unfinished super-set, you almost had to start from the beginning of a super-set. There won’t be such problem anymore in current version, you can now easily go back out and back in, and continuou any part of a unfinished superset.


7. More smooth experience on rest timer screen transition.

Our rest-timer won’t stand in your way while you taking break anymore. You can easily minimize the rest timer without cancelling it. This is helpful when you try to adjust the data while taking break, such as correcting data entry mistakes, adjusting set counts, etc.


If you found any bugs or have any suggestions on how we can improve our workout tracker, feel free to send it our support email at support@jefit.com


JEFIT team


Workout Summary, how to edit?

What is Workout Summary?

Workout summary is the summation of all logged exercises from Session Length to Weight Lifted. It serves as the backbone of a progress chart and if one does not have this, it’ll be difficult to track progress of a newly ended routine.

Newsfeed not Displaying Workout Summary

Often times, when a user skipped an exercise or ends the exercise accidentally, the Workout Summary is often disregarded. Then logs won’t appear on the newsfeed thus friends won’t be able to see them.

We often hear members complaining that the progress is not showing on the newsfeed or due to poor synchronization, they missed it. When in fact they missed sharing their workout summary session to the newsfeed. Perhaps, they are too excited to end their session and miss this? Or that, they didn’t know this feature exist.

At the beginning of performing the workout routine, the app will prompt  to start the workout. Then the End Session button will also remind them that they have the option to prematurely end the workout session. After doing so, know that after each and every workout, summary details will appear by ending it appropriately. The workout summary details can be shared either to the Community or Facebook.

Workout Summary Session Workout Summary Session

How to Correct my Workout Session?

Logs showing on my workout session are incorrect therefore how can I edit my workout summary? We know that workout sessions are flexible thus we have this feature on how to easily edit your logs.

  • Visit the JEFIT website.
  • On the left hand side, find My Logs.
  • You will be taken to the Calendar View and you’ll see the calendar dates which stores all your logs and data.
  • Choose the date that you want to edit, and select edit right at top most of the Session Summary.

Edit  Edit

After completing the edit, you can Save your work and then Synchronize all the changes made to the app. Clicking the Force Synchronization from the web or SYNC button on the app helps.

Force Synchronization

Force Synchronization pushes your data to your devices matching it to whatever changes you created on the web to your app.

However, this feature is rather missed sometimes and that we often get asked a couple times..

“I created some changes to my workout logs or try to setup routines on the web however I can’t find it in the app, what happened? Did I lose the data? Did I waste my time setting these up and just lose them afterwards?” 

No need to panic. The thing is, any changes you create on the website, you got to push them to your devices (Android or IOS). So. the first thing you got to do is Force Synchronize the data.

You may go to Settings.

  • Look for the Profile/App tab.
  • Then  click on the Force Synchronization button.

  • A dialog box will appear informing you that Force Sync was successful.

Force Synchronization

However, nothing will happen if you do not Sync everything on the app. After Force Synchronization, make sure to push the SYNC button on the app, as well.

Android platform:

  • Log-in to your account using the JEFIT android app.
  • Go to the “Settings” menu by clicking the menu icon on the upper left of the screen.
  • Locate the sync button which is right below your username and click it to start synchronizing your logs.

IOS platform:

  • Log-in to your account using the JEFIT iOS app.
  • Find the “Me” button located at the lower bottom right of the screen.
  • On the upper right hand of the page, look for the cloud-like icon and click it. It should automatically synchronize your logs to the web server.

Reorder Exercises – Android and IOS

You visit the gym and you’re ready for the next exercise.

But.. the exercise equipment is unavailable. You cringe! What to do..? You don’t want to lose time waiting for when it becomes available. What if, never?

Luckily for you, the JEFIT app gives you the ability to reorder your exercises so that it’ll be easy for you to change your exercises according to its equipment availability when you’re in the gym. Waiting time for the equipment availability, no more!

Below, we have listed ways for you to reorder your exercises in a routine for Android and IOS.

Simply follow the steps and you can never go wrong.

IOS platform:

  • Select Workout and choose My Plans where you can see a list of your default and customized routines.

Reorder Exercises

  • Once  you have the list of exercises for the Workout day, look for the Reorder Icon located right on top of your exercise and make sure to long press this icon giving you the capability to drag your exercises. It will reorder exercises according to your needs and gym equipment availability. Reorder exercises will also give you freedom to choose what exercises are next on your exercise list.


Android Platform:

  • Swipe your side menu and look for Workout Plans. It should give you a list of all your default and customized workout routines.

  • Open your exercise day and you’ll see a list of your exercises. Make sure to long press that little man icon and it should allow you to drag the exercises.

Reorder Exercises

How to Setup Supersets in JEFIT

Supersets, What and How?

Supersets is a combination of two or more exercises with either similar motions, same muscles groups or just connecting exercises.

One can easily master how to Setup Supersets. In this article, we will show you two different methods for Android and IOS and how you can set your exercises to link one another.

However, for more tips and techniques, you can also visit our knowledge base for self-help tutorials.

IOS platform:

  • Open the app and log-in and locate the “Workout” button at the bottom of the screen to begin your current workout routine.

IOS Supersets

  • From there, you’ll be able to select the routines from the list that you want to perform


  • Select the routine and exercise day. Once you have the exercise page, click the “superset” button. Then you will be able to link various exercises together into a supersets, tri-sets or quad sets.
  • Select the exercises you wish to link or superset. You are able to link as many exercises as you would like together to create the superset of your choice.



Android Platform:

  • Click on the “Workout” tab on the top navigation of the page. Select the exercise day you are looking to perform or set up supersets on.

  • After selecting the exercise day you will be taken to a list of all of the exercises within your planned exercise list.
  • Click on the three dots icon to the right of the exercise that you are looking to superset together.
  • Once done you will be able to link various exercises together into a superset, tri-set or quad set. You are able to link as many exercises as you would like together to create the superset of your choice.