For Strong Biceps Try These Jefit Arm Exercises

One of the muscle groups you see getting worked most often in the gym are the biceps. This muscle, along with the chest, abs and thighs are found on the front of the body. Many have a tendency to put more time in training these areas because it’s the first thing someone notices.

For stronger biceps, think about changing up your exercises more often than larger muscle groups. The following list of arm exercises are the most popular bicep and forearm exercises, based on usage from the Jefit community.

Anatomy of the Arm

The anterior upper arm is made up of the bicep muscle, which has two heads. The deep muscles of the arm include the coracobrachialis and brachialis. The posterior aspect includes one muscle, triceps brachii.

  • Biceps Brachii (short head)
  • Biceps Brachii (long head)
  • Coracobrachialis
  • Brachialis
  • Triceps Brachii (three heads)
  • Forearm (consists of 20 muscles)

There are 30 bones that make up the area of the upper arm, forearm and hand. The majority of the bones, twenty-seven of them, are found in the wrist and hand.

Bicep Exercises

  • Barbell Curl
  • Dumbbell Alternating Bicep Curl
  • Incline Curl (Dumbell)
  • Dumbbell Concentrated Curl
  • Barbell Preacher Curl
  • EZ Bar Curl
  • Barbell Close Grip Preacher Curl
  • Machine Bicep Curl
  • Cable Close Grip Curl
  • Preacher Curl Machine

Forearm Exercises

  • Barbell Posterior Wrist Curl
  • Dumbbell Palms Up Wrist Curl
  • Dumbbell Palms Down Wrist Curl
  • Barbell Reverse Curl
  • Wrist Roller
  • Dumbbell Alternating Hammer Curl
  • Dumbbell Hammer Curl
  • Cable Reverse Curl
  • Cable Rope Hammer Curl
  • Dumbbell Cross Body Hammer Curl

Hopefully, a few of these exercises are new to you and you can try them in your nest strength training program. Also, you can search the Jefit database consisting of more than 150 exercises for the bicep and forearm.

Stay Strong Together

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Michael Wood, CSCS

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