Want to Build Muscle? Then Try This Popular 3/7 Method

Many gym goers don’t mind working hard if they can ultimately add muscle via the routine they’re on. The popular, and fairly new, 3/7 strength training method does just that! Many of the training programs, however, circulating around gyms don’t always end up building muscle for different reasons. Gym goers, for the most part, understand the need for high intensity and volume (sets x reps. x load). Especially when a building phase is called for in a training plan.

The majority of individuals who workout like to use a traditional sets and repetitions based training program. Meaning, performing a Barbell Squat, is typically done, using 4×6, or four sets of six repetitions, with a few minutes recovery between sets. The 3/7 Method allows you to stay on one piece of equipment, performing more overall sets back-to-back, but in less time.

The Jefit team recently created two new strength programs (free wight and machine) using this type of training protocol. Click the title of each program below to be taken to the specific program.

3/7 Method Research Review

Personally, if you really want to know the efficacy of a strength training program, explore the research. If there are research papers published on a topic, like the 3/7 Method, that’s usually a step in the right direction.

In a 2019 study published in the European Journal of Physiology, the 3/7 Method compared well to a more traditional 8×6 program. Stragier and colleagues tested elbow flexor strength using 70 percent of 1-RM. The goal was to test the efficacy of a new strength training method on strength gain, hypertrophy, and neuromuscular fatigability.

The new training protocol (3/7 method) consisted of five sets of an increasing number of repetitions (3 to 7) during successive sets and brief inter-set intervals (15-seconds). This format was repeated two additional times after 150-seconds of recovery compared to a method consisting of eight sets of six repetitions with an inter-set interval of 150-seconds (8 × 6 method). Subjects trained two times per week for a period of 12-weeks. 

Young beautiful woman training in the gym. Concept of fitness, workout, sport, health

In a second study (2016), Laurent and colleagues looked at untrained subjects performing Smith Machine Bench Press, twice a week for 8-weeks. Subjects were assigned to one of three groups:

1.) A group that trained the exercise with the 3/7 method.

2.) A group that trained the exercise with 4 sets of 6 repetitions (with 2.5 minutes of rest between sets).

3.) A group that trained the exercise with 8 sets of 6 repetitions (also with 2.5 minutes of rest between sets).

Training Results

In the first study mentioned, the 3/7 and 8 × 6 methods significantly increased both 1-RM load (22.2 ± 7.4 and 12.1 ± 6.6%, respectively) and MVC force. The 3/7 method provided a better training stimulus for strength gain and muscle hypertrophy than the 8 × 6 method.

In the second study, each of the three groups used 70 percent of their 1-RM for bench press. Following the study, the researchers found the 3/7 method increased bench press strength to a greater extent than training with 4 sets of 6 repetitions. Compared to a moderate volume classical method (4 sets of 6 repetitions), the 3/7 method was superior. But, compared to a higher volume classical method (8 sets of 6 repetitions), the 3/7 method wasn’t as effective. However, the 3/7 Method was performed in about a third less time compared to the other groups due to the short (15-seconds) bouts of recovery between sets.

Hopefully these great results that we came across for the 3/7 Method, opens up some eyes and you hopefully give one of the programs above a try. Stay Strong with Jefit!

Use Jefit to Record & Track Your Progress

Try Jefit app, named best app for 2020 and 2021 by PC MagazineMen’s HealthThe Manual and the Greatist. The app comes equipped with a customizable workout planner and training log. The app has ability to track data, offer audio cues, and features to share workouts with friends. Take advantage of Jefit’s exercise database for your strength workouts. Visit our members-only Facebook group. Connect with like-minded people, share tips, and advice to help get closer to reaching your fitness goals. Try one of the new interval-based workouts and add it to your weekly training schedule. Stay strong with Jefit as you live your sustainable fitness lifestyle.

Performing a Side Bridge Exercise Has its Advantages

The side bridge exercise is a stellar movement targeting the oblique muscles, commonly referred to as the “outer abs”. The various layers of oblique muscles are just one of the 29 muscles that make up your “core”. The muscle group plays a vital role in posture, core stabilization, activities of daily living and athletic performance. The exercise reveals its true potential, though, by the many secondary muscles it activates while “holding” the position. In addition to the obliques, other muscles like the gluteus medius and gluteus maximus, are engaged to help stabilize the hips. Finally, your shoulder stabilizers work in concert to keep you aligned as well. 

What are the Benefits of the Side Bridge Exercise?

Aside from all the benefits it provides for your body, the side bridge also brings plenty of convenience to the table. It is a terrific bodyweight exercise, all you need to do a side bridge is a mat and a few minutes. The power of the side bridge extends well beyond just your obliques. The side bridge influences every muscle that the obliques touch or are related to. Here are just a few of the benefits of performing the exercise:

  • Side bridge activates as much as 40 percent of the upper and lower back muscles. This is more than many common back exercises.
  • Not only does it work your obliques exceptionally well (about 50 percent of their maximum), it recruits your rectus abdominals too (about 34 percent of its maximum). This amount of muscle activation is similar to performing a crunch or front bridge exercise (aka plank).
  • The side bridge is an ideal exercise to train the back muscles, especially the deep muscle, known as the quadratus lumborum. The QL is an important muscle for providing spine stability.
  • Performing the side bridge exercise is one of the best ways to work your hip abductor and glute muscles. The hip abductor muscles work at about 74 percent of their maximum capacity during the side bridge. That number, by the way, doubles the work of the muscle often prescribed for hip muscle weakness, the side-lying leg raise (aka hip abduction).

How to Modify a Side Bridge Exercise

You can do a traditional side bridge or change things up to make the movement easier or harder.

Lift Your Top Leg Up – This increases the stress on the side of the body closest to the ground.

Flex the Hip of the Bottom Leg – This puts all of the weight on your top leg and is the excellent way to train your inner thighs (e.g. your hip adductor muscles). This is a great exercise for any hockey players.

Change Your Point of Support – Rather than supporting yourself from your forearms or feet, you can support yourself from your knees (easier) or from your extended arm (easier on the muscles but harder to balance).

Why is This So Important?

Developing core strength is important for not only posture but every day activities as well. In addition, if you are a runner, triathlete, cyclist or swimmer, then the side bridge should be part of your conditioning program. The side bridge exercise is typically done three times per week, holding the position for 3-10 seconds. Hold the position for a desired time and then roll back. Keep repeating this until you can’t maintain your form. You can also try doing straight sets on one side before switching sides.

The simplest rationale for the side bridge exercise is it builds your muscle capacity providing better hip and trunk stability. The muscles that get strengthened over time, help keep your pelvis level (neutral). This is not only important to prevent back and hip pain but is also very important in preventing knee injuries. One important aspect of knee pain is hip stability and hip abductor and glute medius weakness. The side bridge is ideal for improving stability about the hips and thus preventing or treating knee pain that has been known to cause hip dysfunction.

Trunk Muscles

In addition to providing a great workout for the obliques, transversus abdominis, and rectus abdominis, side bridges work many muscles of the core or trunk. This exercise engages the glutes as synergists, or muscles that help other muscles complete a movement. Side bridges focus on the hips, engaging other synergists such as the quadratus lumborum, psoas major and hip adductors. In addition, additional back muscles such as the iliocostalis and the latissimus dorsi are also activated with side bridges.

Additional Muscles

Side bridges don’t stop at the abs and trunk. Upper-thigh muscles, including the tensor fasciae late, gracious and pectineus act as synergists, as do the deltoids, supraspinatus, and trapezius of the shoulders and upper back. Likewise, the pectoralis muscles of the chest and levator scapulae of the upper shoulders serve as stabilizers, or muscles that help other muscles maintain a certain position during exercise.

Muscle Activation

The side bridge not only excels in the quantity of muscles it engages, it also offers quality activation. Physiotherapist and chiropractor Greg Lehman notes that this exercise engages your upper and lower back muscles at 40 percent of their maximum, a figure far greater than typical back exercises. Lehman also says that the obliques and rectus abdominal experience engagement of 50 percent and 34 percent respectively, making for abdominal engagement roughly on par with crunches. The hips get the biggest benefit, however, at about 74 percent engagement. That’s twice the engagement of the common side-lying leg raise.

Low Back Pain

A 2012 study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research by the University of Virginia, reveals further benefits of the side bridge exercise for those who suffer from recurrent low-back pain (LBP). The study found that those with recurrent low-back pain experience the same level of muscle activation, or efficient muscle contraction, as those who did not suffer from LBP when performing side bridges. The news is doubly good, as the same study notes that a weak transverse abdominous may actually be part of the cause of LBP.

Use Jefit to Plan & Track Your Workouts

The Jefit app was named best app for 2021 by PC Magazine and Men’s Health. The app comes equipped with a customizable workout planner, training log, the ability to track data and share workouts with friends. Take advantage of Jefit’s huge exercise database for your strength workouts. Visit our members-only Facebook group. Connect with like-minded people, share tips, and advice to help get closer to reaching your fitness goals. Try one of the new interval-based workouts and add it to your weekly training schedule. Stay strong with Jefit.

How to Keep Your Workouts Consistent with a Workout Scheduler

workout scheduler

By going to the gym consistently, you can really reap the benefits of each session, both mentally and physically. In fact, consistency is one of the most important factors in your fitness journey. It will help you hit your fitness goals faster while keeping your motivation and endurance high. However, we know that it can be difficult keeping to a regular routine. Luckily, we have one easy solution to help with this – a workout scheduler.

Why You Need Consistent Workouts

Just think about any skill that you wish to develop such as learning how to play an instrument or similar. How often do you practice? How often should you practice?

You won’t get very far if you only pick up the guitar and head to your lessons irregularly. There is a common misconception that you can try to catch up on lost time. For example, if you haven’t had a lesson in 3 months and try to catch up by going 5 days in a row. The sporadic sessions won’t help you get any better and in fact, can be detrimental to your progress.

The same goes for your fitness goals. You need to work out consistently to achieve your long term results. Without putting in the effort, you will take much longer to hit your fitness goals. This is because your training, endurance and motivation will constantly fluctuate. Ultimately, this will be your downfall and you will not get the results you want, at least not in a reasonable time frame.

You will not be able to use the skills or improvements you made in your previous session because by then, you may have lost that progress you gained by your next workout. With consistent workouts, this will be an obstacle that you can avoid. You will be able to continuously improve and add to your next session to hit your fitness goals and make valuable progress. This will maximize your results.

Another reason why you need consistent workouts is that it will help you plan efficient workouts. A workout scheduler will tell you what to do each session. This eliminates the problem of just randomly heading to the gym one day and doing whatever comes to your mind.

This means that every workout actually contributes to you hitting your fitness goals. You won’t be just working out for the sake of working out. Not only will this assist you in keeping to a regular fitness schedule but you will be making real progress. Each workout will have a purpose.

Each workout will have a purpose.

How to Keep Your Workouts Consistent Using a Workout Scheduler

Consistent workouts help you to establish a routine, and a workout scheduler is what helps you to do this. You will have a higher chance of sticking to this habitual activity by having regular session penciled into your everyday life.

A workout scheduler can help you keep disciplined with your fitness. Make time to fit in your workouts as if they were an important meeting appointment in your calendar. Eventually, by making the effort to stick to your workouts regularly, it will become a habit in your lifestyle and you will have developed this discipline to make sure that you go.

Another important aspect on how to keep your workouts consistent is to also schedule in rest days. These rest days will help to give your body enough time to recover to get back to your next session completely motivated and energized.

Personalize your own exercises that suit your fitness goals and help you reach them with a workout scheduler. With a customizable gym workout planner, you can choose the exercises that best suit your needs. As it is specific to you, you can also adjust the workouts as necessary. This will factor in helping you keep to consistent workouts because it will assist in planning workouts that you can regularly stick to.

Consistency is an important factor in fitness. By keeping to regular sessions, you will be able to uphold your high endurance and motivation. It may take some time to get into that habitual routine but once you do, with the help of a workout scheduler, you will be on “auto-pilot” in which your workouts will become an integral part of your life, helping you make valuable progress every time.

Jefit is a gym workout app that helps all gym goers and athletes plan and stick to their workouts on a regular basis. With a workout scheduler and customizable gym workout planner like Jefit on your side, you will be able to keep to your workouts consistently that will take you one step closer to hitting your fitness goals. With Jefit, you will be able to make progress and share it with the community.

How do you manage to keep to consistent workouts? How has a workout scheduler and planner helped you? Let us know in the comments below!

workout scheduler

New Audio Cue Module to Be Released Soon on Jefit

The Jefit app will soon have a new update that will improve the workout experience on their award-winning app. The new feature, called audio cue module, allows everyone to be “hands free” during a workout. The audio feature offers voice commands at the beginning, during and at the end of each set of exercises. This lets someone who uses the app to be hands free during a bodyweight interval workout, as an example. In addition, it keeps the person fully engaged in their workout. Rather than the need to continually slow things down, as would be the case, if they were always checking at their screen. In turn, creating a more challenging workout while optimizing exercise flow on the app.

The Jefit Audio Cue Module

The soon to be released Jefit audio cue module will prompt someone after they start a workout with a specific command. The experience begins with “Ready Go!” followed by “first, barbell bench press” as an example. When you’re halfway done with the set you’ll hear an audio cue letting you know just that. The same holds true for the end of each set as well. The person also has the option of turning off the audio command feature before they begin the workout. This new feature will allow a person to put the phone down while working out. Take a moment to listen to the audio cue in this Jefit Instagram post, that can be found here.

Workout with Jefit

The Jefit team looks forward to supporting members with new features like the new audio cue module. Jefit is a fitness app that comes equipped with a customizable workout planner, training log, as well as a members-only Facebook group. Connect with like-minded people, share tips, advice, and motivation, to get you closer to your fitness goals today. Stay strong with Jefit.

Android Version 9.02 Bug Fix Released

Hello All,

We have released a Bug Fix update, Version 9.02 for the latest Android Release.

This update resolve issues that users have been experiencing with crashes and UI bugs.

Bug Fix Notes

1.) Fixed crash on interval timer when it goes to background.

2.) Fixed UI bug cause button turn to gray on some 5.0x devices.

3.) Fixed Floating button covers up delete option on exercise log page.

4.) Fixed set done shows incorrect number randomly on Day exercise list.

5.) Fixed Reorder bug on Day exercise list.

6.) Removed G+ login on devices that do not have Google service package installed.

If you experience any further bugs please contact us at support@jefit.com and we will get back to your request as soon as possible

Thank you all again for your support, feedback and hope everyone is enjoying the latest update!

– JEFIT Team

Android Update Version 9.0 Released!

Hello All,

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve updated our Android Application.

This is a MAJOR update that contains a complete re-design to the UI using the new Android Material Design style, improved User Experience, new features, changes to current features, bug fixes, performance enhancements and more.


What Is New

1.) NEW Redesigned UI using Android Material Design Style

We have completely redesigned the application to match the style of the new Android Material Design style that Google has released.

All pages and features of the application have taken advantage of this new design style making the flow and look of the application cleaner, modern and accessible.

JEFIT Android Version 9.0 Update  JEFIT Android Version 9.0 Update



2.) IMPROVED User Experience

Using the Android Material Design style, we have utilized this to improve the overall user experience.

This means less clicking and navigating to access many of the main features and functions.

We also improved placement of buttons and utilization of the screen to place features/buttons so that the user has a better overall experience.

For example on the exercise detail screen we have made it easier to access the add to routine, logs, notes, progress charts and record logs buttons while also changing the scan through exercise arrows next to the exercise name.

JEFIT Android Version 9.0 Update


3.) IMPROVED JEFIT Team and User Shared Workout Routine Layout and Loading

We have improved the layout of how the JEFIT Team and User Shared workout routines are displayed on the “Workout Plans” page.

Routines are also loaded at a  faster rate and you are able to view more routines on the download page than in previous updates

JEFIT Android Version 9.0 Update   JEFIT Android Version 9.0 Update



4.) IMPROVED Workout Routine Day List

On the workout routine day page, we have improved the layout of how each day is displayed.

The exercise day information is contained within its own individual tile displaying :

  • Day Name
  • Amount of exercises in the day
  • Estimated time it takes to perform the workout day
  • Last time that you have performed each day

JEFIT Android Version 9.0 Update



5.) IMPROVED Planned Exercise Day List

For the planned exercise day list we improved the ability for the users to be able to reorder the exercises in their list, delete an exercise and edit the reps/sets and timer of each exercise within the day.

JEFIT Android Version 9.0 Update


6.) IMPROVED Exercise Database Layout

The exercise database has also been improved using Android Material Design

  • Custom Exercises

We have removed the button to access the custom exercise database and instead added an additional 5th tab labeled “Custom Exercises”.

Here you will be able to view all of the custom exercises that you have created using the create custom exercise button on the top right corner of the screen.

JEFIT Android Version 9.0 Update



  • Workout on the Fly

The workout on the fly option has been switched from workout routines page to the exercise database page.

By clicking on the dumbbell play icon at the bottom right of the screen of the page, you will initiate the workout on the fly functionality and be able to record your logs instantly.

JEFIT Android Version 9.0 Update      JEFIT Android Version 9.0 Update



  • Simple Body Part Switch

Instead of having to back out to the body part selection page, by clicking the drop down menu at the top left corner of the screen you will be easily able to select the body part for exercises you would like to view.

JEFIT Android Version 9.0 Update


7.) IMPROVED Detailed Data on Progress Charts

We have added in summary data at the bottom of the progress charts page where users are able to view the date of when your maximum and minimum 1RM was recorded.

You are also able to view when you first recorded said exercise along with the last time you created logs.

JEFIT Android Version 9.0 Update



8.) ADDED Ability to Purchase JEFIT Pro through Free App

We have added in the option to purchase JEFIT Pro through the JEFIT Free application

This will be explained further in a future blog post but we will be merging our Free and Pro products into a singular application in which Pro will be accessed through activating your previous purchase through your account.

As stated we will explain this further in an upcoming post.


9.) IMPROVED Performance Enhancements and Bug Fixes

10.) IMPROVED News Feed Update and Sync Speed


What Is Next

  • iPhone/iOS Update – Following this Android update, we will be returning back to our iPhone/iOS application. On this update we will be working on improving this platform, user experience, fixing various bugs and more.
  • Updates to the JEFIT Website 



Please send all of your emails, questions, feedback, reviews and suggestions to support@jefit.com or post on the App/Website Questions on the JEFIT Forums, https://www.jefit.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?14-JEFIT-App-and-Website-Questions


Stay Connected

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Don’t forget to like our Facebook Page, follow us on Twitter and Instagram, add us on Google+ and send a review to both the iTunes App Store, Amazon and Google Play Stores!

We appreciate all of your support and patience as we work forward on bringing you this new update as well as many new changes and features!

Thank you for your ongoing support!

– JEFIT Team

Elite Website Update

Hello All,

We are proud to announce that we’ve updated our JEFIT Elite Service on the website

With this update for Elite, we have completely changed the layout of the webpage to display your training reports and stats.

With these UI changes that have been made we have also added new features to the Elite service to allow you to compare your workout data with your friends on JEFIT.


Whats New


1.) New UI / Webpage Layout

With the latest changes that we have made to the Elite membership, we have also released a new UI design to both the JEFIT Website and the Elite Page.

To Access your Elite Reports, Graphs and Charts you will click the “My Reports” button on your My-JEFIT Profile Page.

On the My-Reports page you will be able to access your report information and training stats via the new tab navigation.

Go to http://www.jefit.com/my-jefit/training-reports/ to view your Training Reports.


2.) New Training Progress Page

The first thing you will notice about your Elite Training Reports is that there is a change in the UI.

Previously the graphs/charts and workout data was located on a singular page.

Now on the new Training/Overall Reports you will be able to view :

  • Total Workout Summary/Data
  • Training Breakdown
  • Total Weight Lifted
  • Total Session Time
  • Total Lifting Intensity
  • Total Number of Exercises Completed
  • Total Number of Records Broken
  • Your Profile Insight


Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 4.00.34 PM

3.) Compare Stats with Friends

Another new feature added to the Elite service is the ability to compare your body and training stats with your friends on the website.

By adding friends on JEFIT you will be able to track and measure your training stats with those who potentially might be performing the same routine as you.

On the page you will be able to compare your :

  • Total Workout Summary
  • Training Breakdown
  • Total Weight Lifted
  • Total Session Time
  • Total Lifting Intensity
  • Total Number of Exercises Completed
  • Total Number of Records Broken
  • Progress of Benchmark Exercises
  • Progress of Favorite Exercises
  • Body Stats Summary
  • Body Goal Progress
  • Before And After Pictures
  • Profile Insight

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 4.25.19 PM


We appreciate all of your support and patience as we work forward on bringing you this new update as well as many new changes and features!

Thank you for your ongoing support!

– JEFIT Development Team

Android Update Version 8.01 Released!

Hello All,

We are proud to announce that we’ve updated our Android Application.

With this update for the Android, we are changing up things with how the application functions and how a user navigates through each page. We feel that with these new UI and navigational changes we have made in this update, that it is a major step forward for JEFIT and future updates to come.

What’s New

1.) NEW – Re-Designed User Interface and Navigational Changes

– In this new update we have made various improvements and changes to the UI of our application, enhancing and simplifying many of the most used pages.

Most noticeable for those logging into their accounts will be the much cleaner and streamlined look to the Profile Page.

Other pages that have received overhauls have been the “Weight/Rep Recording” page and the “Resting Timer” page

We felt that previously on these pages there was too much content and information being put in front of users at once, thus this would cause an overflow on the page and a sense of being overwhelmed when using the application.

So based upon user feedback and small studies we have done, we feel like these changes have been necessary to create a cleaner and more streamlined look to JEFIT.

2.) NEW – Share Your Workout Summary on Facebook and your JEFIT Profile

– Since the introduction of the workout summary feature users have been requesting that we include the option to share the workout summary via social media

We are pleased to say that in this latest update users are now able to share their workout summaries via Facebook and their JEFIT Profiles

Your friends and followers are now able to view the progress of your training and follow your journey as you continue to improve your health

Though only Facebook and your JEFIT Profile are only available for sharing to at the moment, we are working on allowing for you to share your summaries via Twitter, Google+ and Instagram in upcoming updates

3.) NEW – Getting Started/Helpful Tasks for New Users

– With an influx of new users and the amount of content we have within JEFIT, we wanted to give new members options to help get their profiles set up and understand the various and important features of JEFIT.

For new users we have provided helpful “tasks” or options to help you set up your workout routine, record body stats and goals, create custom exercises and more to help you get started off on the right foot and right into tracking workout progress

4.) NEW – Pop Up Interval Timer

– On the “Weight/Rep Recording” page, we have cleaned this page up, removing much of the content that cluttered up this page

Thus with this change we have introduced a new pop-up menu for the interval timer so that the users have the option to use the interval timer if they would, rather than having it clutter up the page.

Via this pop up menu you have access to the stopwatch/countdown timer, previous logs for the current exercise you are performing as well as any notes that you have written for the exercise.

We feel this cleans up the page and creates a more streamlined approach to recording your workout data.

5.) NEW – Pop Up Log, Chart, Goals and Notes Panel

– Along with the pop-up menu on the “Do Exercise” page, we have also introduced a pop up menu on the “Resting Timer” page

With this menu, you are able to view your goal progress, current logs, current set 1RM records, as well as access to charts and notes for the exercise

Rather than cluttering up the resting timer page with content, we have allowed for users to bring up this information and drop it back down so they can continue counting down until their next set.

6.) NEW – Guest Mode

– For those who do not want to create a JEFIT Account, we have allowed for people to skip the registration process and jump right into using the application

* Though the only thing about using a Guest Account is that any information recorded WILL NOT be saved or stored within our servers, thus if you delete the application, lose your guest account or get a new phone, your information WILL be lost *

7.) CHANGED – Simplified Left Slider Menu

– With the the changes that we have made adding the 5 tab buttons, we have also changed up the amount of buttons on the left slider menu.

We condensed and simplified the amount of buttons on the left panel so that there isn’t an overwhelming amount of pages and content on this menu.

8.) IMPROVED – Sharing Body Stats, Body Goals, Workout Routines and Achievements on your JEFIT Profile

-Now with the improved activity feed updates we have made, any changes or updates that you make to your body stats/body stat goals, sharing workout routines or achieving your goals will be shared on your JEFIT Profile page with your friends/other members (depending on your privacy settings for your account).

Just like on the JEFIT Website when you make updates or changes and they are shared to your profile, the same will be done through the application.

9.) IMPROVED – Notifications for Friend Requests and Messages received from Friends/Other Members

– As you continue to make updates, record workouts, share workout routines, post status updates and interact with other members in the JEFIT Community, you will receive feedback and even friend requests from new users that want to connect with you.

Unfortunately before you wouldn’t know if you had a user comment, give you feedback upon your progress or even if you were receiving a friend request from other users.

Now we have added in a notification system that will provide you with a notification from your Home Screen/through your usage of JEFIT that will inform you if you have any requests or interactions with other members.

10.) IMPROVED – Ability to Find and Add Friends on JEFIT

– We have also improved the ability to find friends on JEFIT as well as sending notifications/emails out to your friends when requesting them to join you on JEFIT via social media or email.

We wanted to make it as easy as possible to find your friends via the application (for those who use it) or easily add your friends to join you and follow your progress.

11.) IMPROVED – 5 Button Tab Navigation

– In this update we have brought back the 5 navigational tabs at the bottom of the home screen to make it easier for our users to access the most used pages on the application.

Previously in the last update we introduced the left panel navigation but with recent feedback and user requests, we have made changes to the navigation so that you are able to access the most important features of JEFIT

12.) Bug Fixes

13.) Performance Enhancements

What Is Next

Website Update and Improvements/Changes to JEFIT Elite

– We also will be making changes, improvements and adjustments to the JEFIT Website to continue to improve current functionalities and features.

Along with these changes to the website, we will be also adding additional features/improvements and updating our JEFIT Elite Service following the release of both the Android and iPhone Updates

To all of our Elite users we appreciate your continued support and feedback for this service and look forward to many new improvements and changes to enhance the Elite Subscription experience.

*Reminder* : Please send all of your emails, questions, feedback, reviews and suggestions to support@jefit.com or post on the App/Website Questions on the JEFIT Forums

Don’t forget to like our Facebook Page, follow us on Twitter and Instagram, add us on Google+ and send a review to both the iTunes App Store, Amazon and Google Play Stores!

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We appreciate all of your support and patience as we work forward on bringing you this new update as well as many new changes and features!

Thank you for your ongoing support!

– JEFIT Development Team