Get Strong Abs with Jefit’s Core Challenge

Got strong abs? Looking for strong Abs? Jefit recently launched a new series of programs called Core Challenge. The three free programs are for all fitness levels and take about 15-30 minutes to complete. A nice goal for a program, in terms of a way to progress, is to have it become more of an individual challenge or competition with the Jefit community and friend groups. The idea is to see how quickly a user can move through the program based on time and challenge others.

The series of programs that make up the three core routines include 5 to 10 exercises with between 10-15 repetitions depending on the level. The exercise selection includes a wide array of bodyweight exercise as well as the use of some equipment like medicine ball, stability ball.

Beginner Level: Core Challenge 50

As the name implies, the beginner-level routine includes 50 total repetitions using 5 different exercises. The five exercises that make up this routine are basic core exercises. The list of exercises include Crunch, Oblique Crunch, Heel Touches, Reverse Crunch and Air Bike, also known as Bicycle Abs. The goal is to perform 10 repetitions of each exercise. No exercise equipment is needed to execute this routine. A good goal to strive for is less than 15-minutes to complete. When this routine becomes less challenging, progress to Core Challenge 100.

Intermediate Level: Core Challenge 100

Following completion of Core Challenge 50, it’s now time for a new challenge, where the number of exercises and repetitions both increase. This program utilizes bodyweight only and no equipment is necessary. Some of the exercises do, however, are more challenging, such as V-Ups, and Leg Pull-ins. As the title suggests, expect to perform 100 repetitions spread over 10 different exercises. A respectful goal for this routine is under 30-minutes to complete.

Want Strong Abs? Work on Finishing Core Challenge 150 in 30-Minutes or Less!

The Core Challenge 100 will push most people. The Core Challenge 150 is a whole different ball game. The number of exercises may stay at 10 but the number of repetitions increase to 15. Exercise equipment is also brought into play for this routine (see below). In regard to exercise selection, you’ll find Ab Rollout, Double Leg Hundred, Weighted Russian Twists, Stability Ball Pull-ins and V-Ups, to name a few.


  • Weight Plate (or substitute medicine ball or dumbbell if no weight plate is available).
  • Cable machine (or substitute and exercise band instead).
  • Olympic Bar (22 or 45 lbs. – or substitute with an Ab Roller, Stability ball, for Ab Rollout).
  • Stability Ball
  • Medicine Ball

A Quick Word on Nutrition

There have been plenty of articles and scientific research published showing all the sit-ups in the world are not enough to get ripped abs. Any well-designed, long-term training program that focuses on execution and technique, will eventually develop strong abdominal muscles. The key ingredient to get ripped abs, though, is to eat a clean diet that focuses on limiting highly processed foods and added sugar. Eat real food. Sounds easy but this is where most people drop the ball.

A Strong Core

There are more than 35 muscle groups that make up the core. You need to move beyond simply sit-ups or planks (unless you have back issues) in order to get strong, ripped abs. Incorporate various movement patterns into your core work. Instead of doing traditional sit-ups (spinal flexion), add in movements that involve lateral flexion, rotation (Russian Twist), anti-rotation (Palloff Press), stability training (Plank variations) and combinations of these movement patterns.

The three new Jefit core routines focus on doing this – especially Core Challenge 100 and 150. Some of the exercises are perform while lying down (to save time). A well-rounded, functional program would include more standing exercises like the medicine ball slam found in the advanced 150 program.

Perform a Plank for time before you begin to use any of these routines. Use a routine 2-3x/week over 4-6 weeks and try that timed Plank exercise again. You may be surprised at how much easier it is to now hold. Stay Strong and Eat Clean!

Best Home Workout Program – No Gym Required


One of the better home workout programs now featured on the award-winning Jefit Elite app is their new Total Body Circuit program. The one-day, intermediate-level session for Elite members, was developed by the Jefit team. What makes this workout so good is the efficiency of the routine and program design for this individual session. The program design includes 8 exercises performed for three set each using a circuit-training format. Once the first segment of the workout is complete, the Jefit app continues to progress the user through a third and fourth circuit. This is the point in the workout where the exercise intensity really starts to pick up.

During phase two, a user follows the same 8 exercise sequence but now moves through 4 challenging supersets. For example, the first superset of this part of the workout begins with a Kettlebell Goblet Squat immediately followed by an Inverted Row. The user is asked to move through this twice before advancing to the next superset. When all is said and done, the 8 exercises are performed 3x each for a total of 24 sets. Depending on the fitness level of the individual, the session could take on average, 30 to 50-minutes to complete. The goal of the program is to burn maximal calories, improve overall fitness and aerobic capacity.

Elevated Push-ups (Jefit Bench Push-ups) are the 3rd exercise featured in the Total Body Circuit program

Looking for the Best Home Workout Program? Try Total Body Circuit by Jefit

Total Body Circuit Exercise Program

1A. Kettlebell Goblet Squat 1×10

2A. Inverted Row 1×10

3B. Elevated Push-ups 1×10

4B. Bicycle Abs 1×15

5C. Kettlebell One-Arm Push Press 1×10

6C. Barbell Curl 1×10

7D. Weighted Dips 1×10

8D. Superman – for time

After completing the first circuit of 8 exercises (1×10) you then need to cycle back through for a second & third set but this time they should be performed as supersets. Therefore, the original 8 exercises become 4 paired exercises now done as supersets with no rest between exercises: AA, BB, CC, DD. Perform this program initially twice a week before progressing to three times a week for 4-weeks.

Exercise Equipment Needed

The great thing about this program is that it requires minimal equipment to do it. You will need a kettlebell, dumbbell, Olympic bar, bench or stability ball for the dips (you can even use a chair if need be).

Try downloading this program for your next workout. If you happen to have a heart rate monitor, please wear it and keep track of heart rate. Record what your heart rate is at the end of the first, second and third circuit. Then determine how long it takes for your heart rate to drop below 100 beats per minute post exercise. Record peak heart rate immediately after the workout and then one-minute post workout and record the delta. This is an important number that can tell you a great deal about your cardiovascular health. Stay Strong!

Additional Reading

Heart Rate Recovery 10 Seconds After Cessation of Exercise Predicts Death, Journal of the American Heart Association , 2018.


Jefit Upgraded Back-end Infrastructure


In May 2020 Jefit upgraded all their servers and back-end infrastructure in order to provide a more seamless experience for its users. This was a bold move and that’s why we took the chance to announce this on our trending section because we knew our downtime would take 24 hours or more to be completed. The migration was successful, however, bugs are inevitable during this process. We ask once again for your patience as we continue to fix the bugs and issues. Your patience and understanding is very much appreciated.

A More Powerful Backend Infrastructure

As a result of moving our servers from the east coast to west coast during this past week, the Jefit platform will become 10x more powerful. As a result, our user base will experience an increase in system performance, faster downloads, and an increase in overall speed. The by-product of this will be a much more responsive and stable Jefit app & website.

The team has been working around the clock to fix the issues users have been experiencing and we want you to know these bugs will be patched up by weeks end (May 10th).

A New Pro Trainer Platform on the Horizon

Jefit decided to push this server migration now because we needed to build a more robust platform to support a new part of the business. Jefit will soon announce their plans for rolling out a new segment of the business.

We know it’s been a tough week for you but we promise all your past issues will be fixed and patched up very soon! If you experience any issues until then, please reach out to our support team at


The Jefit Team


Jefit App: Elite Version


When you really want to get an honest opinion of a product, it’s good practice to listen to an outside, unbiased source. Product reviews from companies that have no vested interest in an outcome can be insightful. Here are a few such reviews, regarding the Jefit app elite version, from a few well-known brands that have no stake in the game. They simply want to share their opinion with others about particular products they like, in this case, the Jefit app.

The following excerpt is from a review by Men’s Journal, naming Jefit one of the best 22 apps to use.

“Remember how you used to walk around the gym with a notepad to write down every single exercise? This app can replace that old paper and give it an infusion of smarts. Track your routines or work from a library of weight training programs, then connect with other users through the app’s social component. You can use a free version for the barebones experience, or pay for the Elite tier for more content.”

Men’s Journal Review – November, 2019

This review is from PC Magazine, who named Jefit one of the best apps for 2020 (activity-tracking category).

“Jefit is a workout app for strength training in particular, although you can design all kinds of workouts using it. The app comes with routines that you can do as well as a bank of exercises that you can explore based on which muscle groups they target. Jefit has tools for logging how many reps you do and a calendar for keeping track of your workouts. There’s also a calendar for planning your workouts and rest days, plus a training schedule that tells you briefly what’s up next in the coming days. The free app is ad-supported with limited features. An Elite membership removes the ads and unlocks advanced features, such as video-based exercise instructions, charts, and goal settings.”

PC Magazine Review – January 2020

Jefit Elite Key Features

  • Advertisement Free
  • Quick Swap Exercise Feature
  • Training Analytics
  • Customized Training & Progress Reports
  • Workout Summaries
  • Premium Workout Routines
  • Unlimited Workout Routine Downloading and Storing
  • Printer Friendly Format for Routines and Workout Summaries
  • Access to Priority Support
  • Elite Badge

The Jefit Elite version of the app includes many unique features as seen above. In this discussion though, the three we will focus on are, the workouts, exercise videos and progress reports. All three are important to help you progress and get the most out of your training.


Well-Designed Workouts

Each Jefit Elite premium workout featured on the app is developed by experienced trainers. Jefit trainers bring a strong training background to the site. They have years, and in some cases, decades of training & coaching experience. The Jefit Team includes individual trainers who are certified strength and conditioning specialist and have worked as strength & conditioning coaches. Goals have a better chance of being met when a member is following a program from a qualified coach. With that said, there is now a better understanding of the Jefit Elite workouts featured on the app. Speaking of workouts, you now have premium exercise programming available at your fingertips. All you have to do is consistently get to the gym (or home) and follow along!

HD Video Guides

The ability to review a well-executed exercise video is like having a built-in coach during your workout. In addition to videos, there is a step-by-step exercise description for all exercises featured on Elite. There are many times that a person may think they are doing an exercise the right way until they watch how it’s performed correctly on video.

Progress Reports

There are several reasons why progress reports are important during strength training. A progress report can be a great motivational tool when trying to reach a specific goal. They also can reassure Elite members that they are making progress over a specific time period. It also allows a member to see that the program is going as planned, and that it will be complete by the expected date. Finally, a progress report can be used to celebrate success via goal setting. You followed a premium exercise program, completed all the sessions in the routine and made gains.

Hopefully this helps you can see the value in Jefit Elite. Give it a try and let us know how you do. Be Well and Stay Strong!


Review: Classic 3-Day Split Barbell Workout


One of the most often used strength training programs is the classic 3-day split barbell workout. This particular exercise program has long been considered a true classic among bodybuilder and novice a like. There are different split day options for 2-3-4-5 days routines. A split routine refers to a workout that is divided up by muscle groups. Selected exercises are used to train these major muscles groups on different days. The workout is ideal if you have limited time to workout (an hour or less). Someone on this type of routine still has a strong desire, though, to gain lean muscle and strength. The length of time needed before noticing small gains is typically 6-12 weeks. This is dependent of course on age, training history, nutritional intake, recovery etc.

A Suggested Training Schedule

There are many layout options for a 3-day routine in terms of how someone can “split” it up over the course of a week. A new Jefit training program features the following split routine, using a push day, a pull day and on day three, everything else. The push days includes exercises for chest/shoulder/tricep, while the pull day highlights the back and bicep. The third day focuses on legs and core. The weekly layout looks like this:

Monday: Chest Shoulders and Triceps
Tuesday: Rest day
Wednesday: Back and Biceps
Thursday: Rest day
Friday: Legs and Core
Saturday: Rest day
Sunday: Rest day


Exercise Program Design

Lets discuss in a little more detail the make-up of each of these workouts. The new Jefit program, Barbell Workout (3-day Split), is an intermediate level program. The program uses a (45-lbs.) barbell for all exercises except some of the core exercises found in day 3. The resistance used will depend on the training ability of the person. If you are new to strength training, you could still try this program. In this case, the person would start out using the weight of the bar only for all exercises. See how your body responds and progress from there.

The majority of the exercises require 4 sets using a repetition sequence of 10,8,8,6. This type of repetition format takes advantage of a lighter first set (a warm-up set). The weight is increased for each subsequent set. There are 5 exercises featured for each of the workout days and many of the movements used are compound exercises. The recovery time between sets is two-minutes, a novice though may need an extra minute or two. A set that involves 8-repetitions as an example, means it’s an 8-RM (repetition maximum). A person will need to lift the most weight they can handle, using good form. If you end up performing more than the suggested amount of repetitions, increase the load by 5% for upper and 10% for lower body exercises.

Day-1: Push Movements


Day 2: Pull Movements


Day 3: Legs & Core


One of the great things about a 3-day split routine is a typical workout is less than an hour. In addition, since you work only a few muscle groups per workout, you can really target that area more intensely. Also, there is a recovery day following each workout, so the body gets plenty of recovery time to repair itself, adapt and get stronger. Putting this together with a solid nutrition plan and plenty of recovery is a successful recipe for strong gains in strength and mass. Stay Strong!


Jefit Scheduled Server Upgrade and Maintenance Starting Friday Evening


In order to continue to bring you the best experience with our exercise workouts and related content, the Jefit website and back-end server will be temporarily offline. Durning this period of time, users will not be able to create an account / login or use any features that are associated with our servers.

However, a member might still be able to use our offline functionality such as editing exercise routines locally or track a workout from the Jefit app if you login prior to the server being offline.

The expected downtime window will be from Friday May 1, 2020 at 10 PM PST to Saturday 12 PM PST.

Thank you for understanding and we look forward to getting our site up and running as efficiently as possible in order to improve the overall experience for our dedicated user base.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

The Jefit Team


Editor’s Choice by Google


Our Editor’s Choice app by Google is the best app to help you jumpstart your fitness lifestyle into a data-driven training and easy workout logging system with the largest exercise database and thousands of free full week workout routines of your choice.

JEFIT is the only workout app that is designed for all level from beginners to professional bodybuilders and weightlifters. JEFIT helps you create personalized workout routines suitable for your needs while helping you analyze your workout progress over time thus keeping you stay focused and motivated to achieve your goals.

With JEFIT, everything is easy. From signing up to logging in your body stats, your body goals and starting your first session. You can get detailed reports, comparing your stats with your friends or gym buddy and evaluating your workout summaries right after each and every session.


JEFIT Points


JEFIT released the Points system on February 1. These Points can’t be purchased online but rather can only be earned through means of any JEFIT activities such:

1) Train and Track Progress Persistently
a) Most points can be earned by exercising and logging your training data.
b) Persistence will earn your large bounce points.
c) Record body stats regularly.
d) Take progress picture regularly.
e) Update goals periodically.

2) Engage with Community
a) Help other out by sharing your progress and results.
b) Join our discussions and be supportive.
c) Share your training routines with others .
d) Provide tips or feedback on other’s training or shares.

3) Bring more people to fitness world
a) Invite more friends to JEFIT and help them get fit.
b) Share your progress or results to other social channels.
c) A month of Elite credit will be given for each friend becomes an active JEFIT user.

Please note that the point system may also have a cool down period. Below is an example of how points are being awarded to your account.



So the scoring for sessions goes like this:

  • Finished a valid workout session, 20 pts
  • Finished 2 workout session within 4 days, 5 pts
  • Finished 3 workout session within 6 days, 5 pts
  • Finished 4 workout session within 8 days, 10 pts

Jefit – What’s in it for you?


You decided to get fit. Now, what?

Getting fit and achieving a healthy lifestyle has always been a challenge to some people. Not only that they do not know how to get started but some people are rather conscious in going to the gym due to the fact they aren’t gym junkies and they are afraid to make mistakes in using the gym equipment. These two are the common reasons and apart from that…excuses, excuses, excuses, and never ending excuses.

The world is changing and so is the world of fitness. Thanks to the smartphone technology. Now, we have different apps that can help you get in shape and bring your gym experience to a next level while making it more enjoyable. Plus the fact that it is zero percent fool proof.

Although, there are many fitness apps to mention, JEFIT is one of the most favorite gym tracker app across iOS and Android platforms. JEFIT’s goal is simple. To let everyone get back to the gym. And how to do that? It’s simple too. Go to iTunes and Playstore marketplace and download the JEFIT free app. Yes, that’s right. It’s absolutely free and you get to browse through thousands and thousands of exercises with steps, animations, or videos that you can easily follow.

Still hesitant? Why not download the app and see for yourself. Over the years, we have built a solid application designed to meet our user’s needs without compromising their convenience and we always wanted to step our best foot forward by granting our user’s feature requests and so much more. That’s why today, we wanted to showcase with you what has improved over the last few years within our application.

User interface.

Our users can now enjoy a completely new interface both from Android and iOS features. Our developers have always wanted our app to remain simplified so that our users can access the app with ease. That way, it lets them stay organized and more motivated to reach their goals.

jefit1      iOS UI


To add a more in depth learning of the exercises, we’ve added hundreds of videos to our exercise database. We thought of bringing our tutorials to the next level and we’ve decided to produce videos for each exercise from our exercise library. Although the animation and the video serve the same purpose, the video is at an advantage as it delivers good quality of video resolutions which enables the users to be more guided.

jefit2    jefit3

Easy to copy Routines and Exercises.

Want to easily duplicate your routines and exercise days? JEFIT allows for users to copy and duplicate routines that they have created/downloaded along with duplicating the exercise days within the routines. This duplication allows for easier ability to form and create new routines from pre-existing ones.
(Note: Only available in Pro and Elite subscriptions only.)

23    21

Android Wear Support.

Android Wear is our most requested feature integration and we’re excited to let our fitness enthusiasts know that we heard them by launching our first Android Wear and JEFIT integration. With Android Wear Support, it is so much easier to record your training data in the gym. JEFIT Watch version will make your gym workout more effective, less time consuming in recording your logs, keeps you up to date, easy to monitor plus the fact that it becomes more handy to track your logs.


Google Fit integration.

With Google Fit and the JEFIT app combined, there’s no stopping you from reaching your desired goal. While this app helps you keep fit by simply monitoring your daily activities such as running, walking, or cycling, the JEFIT app helps you monitor your gym tracking fitness without the need for a pen and paper thus allowing you to conveniently maximize your daily routines.



JEFIT iOS version 9.8

For the iOS JEFIT version, we have received tons of requests to integrate our app with the Apple Health Watch.

The Apple Health Watch is an app that consolidates data from your iPhone device right down to your wearable. It helps you easily keep track of your activities by showing you how much you move, how it helps you restore and repair your body, relieve stress and improve your overall health, makes it easier to manage your goals and watch exactly what you eat and so much more.

With this integration, it allows our users to keep their gym tracker experience more improved and easy to manage. Apart from integrating the Apple Health Support. We have also:

  • Improved superset related functions.
  • Improved exercise search functions.
  • Improved continue unfinished set handling.
  • Fixed current log / past log display issue.
  • Usability Improvement – added screen dim and soft-lock to improve training/logging experience.
  • Fixed iPhone4 & 4+ layout issues.
  • UI adjustment – Switch back calendar log function to root level.
  • Various minor UX improvement (10+).
  • Various minor Bug Fixes (10+).
  • Stability & Performance Improvement.

JEFIT Android v 9.30 release – Android Watch support added.


Our inbox is going bunkers from people requesting the integration of the JEFIT app to Smartwatches. Smartwatches in today’s trend has become the most phenomenal-innovation with computerized wristwatch that not only tells time but also allows you to do almost everything from timekeeping, activity logging, displaying maps, to recording tracks and many more.

And with that, we are excited to bring you the JEFIT Android watch version. Now, it is so much easier to record your training data in the gym. JEFIT Watch version will make your gym workout more effective, less time consuming in recording your logs, keeps you up to date, easy to monitor plus the fact that it becomes more handy to track your logs.

JEFIT Android watch versionHow to use it:

  • Update your JEFIT Android version to the latest version (9.30).
  • open JEFIT app from your Android watch.
  • Open your JEFIT app in your phone and navigate it to the workout->Select a planned workout day.
  • Click on start workout button at the bottom of the screen.
  • JEFIT watch app will open weight/rep record page automatically.
  • Start your workout and record it from your watch.

This is very first version of our Android wear product. functions might be limited at this point.

Google Play services 9.4 required

Current version limitation:

  • Designed to support planned routines. Currently does not support Cardio type exercise. For cardio exercise user still need to input data from the phone.
  • Both watch and hosting device need to be turn on during the training session.
  • Minimum Google Play services version 9.4 is required (watch)

Android Version 9.02 Bug Fix Released

Hello All,

We have released a Bug Fix update, Version 9.02 for the latest Android Release.

This update resolve issues that users have been experiencing with crashes and UI bugs.

Bug Fix Notes

1.) Fixed crash on interval timer when it goes to background.

2.) Fixed UI bug cause button turn to gray on some 5.0x devices.

3.) Fixed Floating button covers up delete option on exercise log page.

4.) Fixed set done shows incorrect number randomly on Day exercise list.

5.) Fixed Reorder bug on Day exercise list.

6.) Removed G+ login on devices that do not have Google service package installed.

If you experience any further bugs please contact us at and we will get back to your request as soon as possible

Thank you all again for your support, feedback and hope everyone is enjoying the latest update!

– JEFIT Team