Jefit App New Release: “Mix” Workout Feature

Thinking about making some changes to your strength training program? Well, Jefit has the answer for you. The award-winning company has recently released a new feature called workout “mix” which is found under workout tab in their app. The new feature allows someone to build a program quickly on the fly. The mix feature is now on both Android and iOS platforms.

So often we head to the gym, all excited to workout, and when we get there it’s either too crowded or someone is hogging the equipment you want to get on. This is where the Jefit mix feature comes into play. You can now create a new workout on demand and subsequently work around any issues that may come up at the gym. See the short video below to get a look at this new feature.

Watch the Jefit “Mix” Workout Video

Three Easy Steps to Build a Workout Program

The following mix workout steps can be used in any order and you can select one or all of them depending on your needs.

First, click the “Target Muscle Groups” to choose the muscle groups you want to work. Following that, tap “regenerate” on the right side. Be sure to tap this area each time you make a change. Think of it as a way to lock-in what your building. During this step you also have the option of switching the recovery rate toggle on or off (blue/white). For pictures of the steps and more information on the purpose of the recovery rate toggle, see below.

Next, choose “My Equipment” (other than cardio) that you have available and would like to use. Then tap regenerate again.

Finally, choose the “EST. Time” you want to workout. Following this tap “regenerate” for the last time. Once this is completed, remember to turn your Audio coaching on/off. You can “save” this routine to an existing program or “edit” what you just built. As a result, a workout program will be generated based on your three choices.

Select Target Muscle Groups You Want to Work
Then Select the Available Equipment
Lastly, Select Your Workout Time and Press Regenerate

More on Using the Recovery Rate Toggle

We mentioned the recovery rate toggle above. It is an important area in the mix workout. By default, when the toggle is on (blue), Jefit will do the following:

  1. Auto-pick all muscle groups from the 80% – 100% recovered group for users.
  2. The system will select cardio when others are all below 80%.

When the recovery rate toggle is off (toggle is white):

  1. You pick from the selected list
  2. For your next workout, the selections will not change
  3. Again when the toggle is on (highlighted blue):
  • When the toggle is on, cardio will not be included in the pool.
  • pick from the 80-100% recovered muscle groups
  • for the next workout: the pre-selections will not change unless they are below 80%

We hope you enjoy the new Jefit quick workout feature and as always, let us know your thoughts.

Try the Jefit App “Mix” Workout and More

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Michael Wood, CSCS