JeFit’s New Personal Audio Coach Feature

Jefit app has improved upon their recently released audio coach feature. Elite members now have the ability to use personal audio coach to meet their workout needs. Follow the steps below to try the new feature in your next workout.

There are three types of audio tips currently available on the Jefit app:

(1) Reminder, which offers a time countdown and exercise names.

(2) Pro Tips, developed by Jefit strength & conditioning coaches (on Elite only).

(3) Personal Tips, where a user can create an exercise tip and replace the pro (on Elite only).

JeFit Elite Audio Coach Feature

First, open the app, tap the “progress” tab to start the quick and easy process. Once this is done, click a specific date on your calendar. Then, click “notes” at the top left of the screen. Next, press “take a note” and enter your note that you will hear as an audio tip for that exercise. Highlight “audio cue tip” so it’s blue and then select the exercise that you want to contain the new audio tip. Follow the sequence below.

Follow These Steps to Use Personal Audio Coach

  1. Tap “Progress” bar at the bottom right of the page (see first photo below).
  2. Click the workout date on the calendar.
  3. Click the “Notes” on the upper left of the screen (see second photo).
  4. Enter your note. There is a maximum of 140 characters (make it a short sentence though). See third photo.
  5. Next, toggle to ” Audio Cue Tips” and make sure it’s highlighted.
  6. Select an exercise from your: Current Plan/Jefit Library/Custom Exercise.
  7. “Save” it.

Final Thought

You now have the ability to have a more robust and personalized training session as a result of the previously recorded Jefit audio tips and now with your own tips as well. Stay strong with Jefit!

Try the Award-winning Jefit app

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Michael Wood, CSCS