Some of the Best Bulking Programs Offered by Jefit App

A question came in recently via our Q&A section on the Jefit app regarding best bulking programs. First, to find this section, look under the “discover” tab and then in the middle of the page you’ll see the “Q&A” section. All Jefit strength training programs are placed into one of four categories (seen below).

Jefit Strength Training Categories

  • Maintaining
  • Bulking
  • Cutting
  • Sport

Bulking Programs

Within each of these categories, specific exercise plans are designed as either beginner, intermediate, or advanced level. The following twelve strength training programs are some of the more popular (in terms of the number of downloads) Jefit bulking programs. This type of program typically uses a higher intensity in order to build more muscle mass. Get plenty of recovery, eat healthy with plenty of protein and your gains will eventually come!

Final Thoughts

You have some of the best bulking programs above from Jefit coaches. Add in proper recovery, eat well and train smart, and your gains will come eventually.

Stay Strong Together

Jefit, named best strength app by Sports Illustrated, Esquire, GQ, Men’s Health, Greatest, Forbes Health, and many others. It offers a community responsible for 92,000,000 workouts to date! The app, which recently passed 10 million downloads, comes equipped with a customizable workout planner and training log. The app has ability to track data, offer audio coaching cues, and can share workouts with friends. Visit our members-only Facebook group. Connect with like-minded people, share tips, and advice to help get closer to reaching your fitness goals.

Michael Wood, CSCS

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