8 Great Exercises to Add to Your Next Strength Program

This article was written to hopefully make your life a bit easier when hitting the gym. As you know, there are so many choices to make in terms of exercise selection when designing a strength training program. Let’s look at a few of the better exercises for the major muscle groups of the upper body. Jefit offers some of those exercise options below for you. We’ll take a look at both legs and core, which we left out here, in an upcoming article.


Deadlift – Many might be surprised to see deadlifts listed as a back (not legs) exercise. True, it’s a strong glute, hip and knee extension exercise, so yes it’s a great leg exercise. You need to keep in mind, though, that the back muscles including the lats and erector spinae are heavily activated during deadlifts, so it can be put on either a back or leg day. For best results, try to cycle through using it as part of both days. When it is used as part of a back day, try using heavy loads with less repetitions.

Barbell Row – a terrific compound movement that targets all of your back muscles. The barbell row helps build trunk (core) strength that carries over into other exercises and your daily life. The barbell row works the exact opposite muscles as the bench press does, with exactly the opposite movement pattern. The stronger your back, rear delts and biceps get on rows, the stronger your chest, front delts and triceps are able to get on the bench press.


The Jefit app offers more than 1300 exercise variations. Of which, approximately 140 exercises focus on chest-related movements. The following are two that are great but not performed as much as other exercises. Add a few of them when planning your next Jefit strength training program. TRAINER TIP: Change it up every 4-6 weeks. Meaning, make your grip wider, more narrow, switch barbell to dumbbells, change the speed of the movement, adjust the decline on the bench and try an incline position, etc.


We love recommending the push press exercise due to the high percentage of muscle mass recruited when performing this compound movement. In addition, military press, both standing/seated are great too. The exercise is versatile as well, you can use kettlebells, dumbbells or a barbell to execute the movement. Try working your rotator cuff muscles using tubing (internal/external rotation) prior to any shoulder exercise.

The Jefit app offers approximately 200 exercises that focus on shoulder-related exercises. If you’re looking for more shoulder exercises than this, see one of our previous posts on the same topic.


Let’s look at two exercises that go beyond traditional barbell curls and dumbbell concentrated curls. Have you tried barbell spider curls recently? It can also be performed with dumbbells. Lastly, here is a dumbbell bicep challenge for you. Mix this arm routine in once a week to your current arm routine for the next 4-6 weeks. Choose a pair of dumbbells, for alternating DB curls, that you know you can complete 12 or more repetitions with (note: typically a pair of 35 lbs. dumbbells work well for this).

How to execute: Perform one set of dumbbell curls for 6 repetitions, followed by one minute rest. Increase the repetitions by two using the same weight. Rest one minute. Follow this sequence until you reach 20 repetitions. Use the same weight for all sets, and increase the repetitions by two for each set. When your done you should have completed 8 sets. Perform this only once a week (it’s high volume = 100+ repetitions) mixed in between your regular arm day.

Stay Strong Together

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Michael Wood, CSCS
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