Want More Strength in 2022? Try this Jefit Program

The award-winning Jefit app publishes hundreds of strength training programs each year. Each of Jefit’s strength training plans are easily accessible on both Android and iOS.

This new Jefit home program offers an efficient, five-day routine that alternates between upper and lower body sessions. The routine, called 5-Day Home Strength Program, is a complete full body exercise plan that can be performed easily at home. Each exercise session offers unique exercises completed in about 25-35 minutes.

Jefit Home Program

Each of the three upper body workout sessions include the use of supersets. Mixed between these sessions are two workouts that target primarily the lower body. Some of the workouts are traditional, meaning they use sets and repetitions. There are also a few workout sessions that involve interval sets (time based). Visit the website to find additional Jefit programs that match your training needs.

What a Typical Training Week Looks Like

Each of the five workout sessions is unique in terms of exercises, sets, repetitions, intervals and supersets.

Upper Body (Day 1)

Lower Body (Day 2)
Upper Body (Day 3)
Lower Body (Day 4)
Upper Body (Day 5)

Try Jefit App in 2022

Jefit continues to win awards in 2022 for best strength tracking & planning app. Jefit is a workout log app that helps you meet your fitness goals. By providing an extensive exercise library, you can pick and choose your program according to your goals. You can also join our members-only Facebook group where you can connect and interact with your fellow Jefit members. Share your successes, stories, advice, and tips so you learn and grow together. Stay Strong!

Michael Wood, CSCS