Four of the Best Exercise Podcasts to Motivate You Right Now!

Could you use a little more motivational exercise knowledge right now? The following are four of the best exercise podcasts that have dropped in October. Each of these episodes are from intelligent sources who are considered experts in their particular fields. We have featured some of the best podcasts and book updates previously on our site, in case you missed them. Enjoy these latest episodes during your next workout or when you have some time to chill.

One of the Best Exercise Podcasts – Peter Attia, MD

Episode # 134: James O’Keefe is a preventative cardiologist and bestselling author of The Forever Young Diet and Lifestyle. In this episode, James discusses cardiac physiology and what makes the human heart susceptible to disease. He provides evidence for what supports his approach to exercise – elucidating both positive and negative kinds of exercise for heart health. He also discusses the role of nutrition, specific nutrients, and pharmacological interventions to support heart and brain longevity.

20-Minute Fitness – Shape

Listen to this week’s episode of 20-Minute Fitness to hear the full story about muscle recovery by the Founder of Hyperice, Anthony Katz, a recovery expert. He discusses the science behind various recovery techniques using his suite of recovery products which, full disclosure, I’ve tried and really do the trick. We have also discussed one of his products, the Hypervolt, in a previous post on Jefit that you can read here.

The Breaking Muscle Podcast

Here is the third episode that made our list of four best exercise podcasts for October 2020. This shows has Chris Barakat, MS, ATC, the founder of School of Gainz and Competitive Breed. He is also a competitive natural bodybuilder, researcher, and educator who knows his stuff. In this episode Chris and Tom talk about whether delayed onset muscle soreness is a useful indicator of effective training. Also discussed, what actually makes a good muscle building exercise, and how much variety do you need in your training. Finally, they discussed an often misunderstood topic, periodization, asking the question…is it a good muscle building tool.

Barbend Podcast

The final podcast episode is a 30-minute talk with Dr. Bo Babenko, a physical therapist and trainer. He discuss injury myths and misconceptions. Dr. Babenko has worn many hats in fitness career over the past decade: physical therapist, triathlete, CrossFit regionals competitor, and more. The conversation is geared towards what’s changed about physical therapy and recovery during Bo’s career. Also discussed, are the most common myths and misconceptions regarding injury recovery. This is one episode that can be very useful to just about anyone who strength trains.

Let us know if you “connected” with one of our best exercise podcasts for the month of October. If you know of a better podcast please let us know. Stay strong with Jefit.

Innovative Exercise & Recovery Products That Will Elevate Your Workout


How has your overall health been these past six months? Have you had trouble keeping up with your exercise & recovery during this stressful period? We’re now in month seven of this dreaded disease that’s still hovering over us. Hopefully, a cure is on the distant horizon. Many of us, however, are more anxious than ever before. The constant anxiety is beginning to wreak havoc on our mind, body and spirit. Personally, I can’t tell you how much I look forward to starting my day off with a long walk, run or hike. I still do my strength workouts in the evening but it’s the morning exercise ritual that has been truly life-saving these last 180 plus days! Yes, its been that long!

Winter is coming though. I’m already thinking about how I can replicate my outdoor excursions indoors when the weather is not cooperating. I’m fortunate to have a nice set-up in my “garage gym” but I’m in the market for a new cardio toy. In addition, I’m always on the lookout for a game changing recovery product to use on my aging body.

Here are some of the exercise & recovery products that I’ve used recently along with a few others that I’ve been looking at.

Exercise & Recovery Tool: Hyperice Products


The company offers recovery and movement tools and has hit the big time recently partnering with the NBA. Their vibration massage gun is basically a better, quieter, less costly version of similar products on the market. The Hypervolt gun comes with five easy to snap on heads designed to get deep into connective tissue and muscle. Use this or any of their other recovery products and you’ll end up feeling like a new version of yourself. The product is ideal for a recovery day or for pre or post workout use. It even comes with an app to educate you on the benefits of proper recovery and vibration technology, it also helps track your overall use.

Exercise Product: ElliptiGO SUB


We have a tendency to sit more than we should throughout the day. We have read the reports that too much sitting is slowly killing us. The average American spends about 6½ hours a day sitting, an increase of about an hour a day since 2007. Anyway, we know we need to stand up and move more throughout the day, right? The issue is the gym requires us to sit on the majority of the equipment. This can feel counter productive at times. Enter the SUB, the stand up bike.

The West coast company, ElliptiGO, was started ten years ago to help us solve this problem. They have several different product lines including their well received SUB. The bike has no seat and you feel like you’re on an Elliptical machine. The big difference is you’re outside and not stuck in the gym. Using this product will help you burn 33 percent more calories than a traditional bike. The product can be a great tool for both exercise & recovery. The design is amazing and say good-bye to neck and back pain typically associated with long a bike ride. I can attest to that. Individuals who have trouble getting on and off a bike now have no issues that would impede them from riding. The ability to exercise standing up, while outdoors, with no pounding on the joints is priceless!

Exercise Product: Concept 2 SkiErg


The Concept 2 SkiErg with PM5 is one of the top-rated ski machines available. Concept 2 is known for their well-built rowing machines typically found in gyms and CrossFit boxes. It may not engage the lower extremity like outdoor skiing but it still offers a great full body workout. It ‘s a fantastic upright workout that incorporates the whole body not to mention its high caloric expenditure as a by-product. The legs get targeted via a squat at end of each stroke but it’s done from a stationary position. The product, in the right hands, can also be used both as an exercise & recovery tool. A great workout is expending 100 calories for time.

New Exercise Product: CLIMBR


This is a new product that launched recently from Colorado-based Climbr. The traditional versa climber on the market is a functional cardio product. The training concept has gained some traction over the past decade especially in various boutique fitness studios. The Climbr is basically a versa climber on steroids with a beautiful design equipped with the latest in technology. Again, it’s a great workout because the body is upright and mimics contralateral movement found in activities like climbing. When you utilize a lot of big muscles in any type of movement or activity it’s usually better.

Next time you’re at the gym try to choose equipment that requires you, when possible, to stand not sit. When you’re in the market for home exercise equipment, try doing the same. At either location, take advantage of the Jefit app to design, log and track your strength and cardio workouts. Don’t forget the value of both exercise & recovery. Stay Strong!