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Dumbbell Rear Lunge

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Dumbbell Rear Lunge

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Exercise Details

Main Muscle Group : Upper Legs

Detailed Muscle Group : Hamstrings

Other Muscle Groups : Glutes , Lower Legs

Type : Strength

Mechanics : Compound

Equipment : Dumbbell

Difficulty : Intermediate

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Targeted Muscle Group

Upper Legs

How To Perform Exercise

Steps :

1.) To begin this exercise; start off standing upright holding onto dumbbells in both of your arms keeping your hands by your sides.

2.) With both dumbbells in your arms, take a step backward with your right leg and lower your upper body down, maintaining your balance on the descent.

3.) Do not let your right knee touch the ground as you lower yourself and hold for a few seconds.

4.) Then push back up on your left leg and return back to the starting position and repeat with the opposite leg

5.) Repeat this exercise for as many repetitions as needed