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Bent Knee Hundreds

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Bent Knee Hundreds

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Exercise Details

Main Muscle Group : Abs

Other Muscle Groups : Glutes , Upper Legs

Type : Strength

Mechanics : Isolation

Equipment : Body Only

Difficulty : Intermediate

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How To Perform Exercise

Steps :

1.) Start off laying on your back with both feet raised and bent so that your knees are in a 90 degree angle directly over your hips.

2.) Keep your arms rested by your sides but with your palms down and a slight elbow bend.

3.) Flex your body forward letting your head and shoulders curl up off of the floor and bringing your chest to your pelvis.

4.) Then raise your arms up off of the floor and keep them at level with your shoulders, moving them up and down rapidly but in a controlled motion.

5.) Return back to the starting position and repeat for as many reps and sets desired.