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Dumbbell Decline Fly

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Dumbbell Decline Fly

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Exercise Details

Main Muscle Group : Chest

Detailed Muscle Group : Lower Chest

Other Muscle Groups : Shoulders

Type : Strength

Mechanics : Isolation

Equipment : Dumbbell , Bench

Difficulty : Intermediate

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Targeted Muscle Group


How To Perform Exercise

The dumbbell decline flys target the inner part of your lower chest as well as stretch your chest and biceps.

Steps :

1.) Start off lying flat on a decline bench with your head positioned lower than your feet.

2.) Hold a dumbbell in each hand keeping your elbows slightly bent and arms out at your sides facing straight down towards the ground so that you feel a stretch in your chest.

3.) Push the dumbbells up above your chest, squeezing your muscles and hold this position for a count.

4.) Return the dumbbells back to their starting position and repeat for as many reps and sets as desired.