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Double Leg Stretch

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Double Leg Stretch

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Exercise Details

Main Muscle Group : Abs

Other Muscle Groups : Glutes , Upper Legs

Type : Stretching

Mechanics : Compound

Equipment : Body Only

Difficulty : Beginner

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How To Perform Exercise

Steps :

1.) Start off by lying on your back with your knees bent at 45 degrees and your feet flat on the floor hip width apart.

2.) Place your arms at your sides with your palms down and extend your spine through inhaling and exhaling.

3.) Keep your thighs connected, raise both of your knees so that they are at a 90 degree angle and aligned over your glutes and feet parallel to the floor.

4.) From there flex your upper body forward letting your head and shoulders come off of the floor and bring them towards your bent knees, feeling a stretch in your abdominals and pelvis.

5.) Hold this position for a few seconds then extending both of your arms and legs away from your body.

6.) Keep your feet together and straight out while hands open wide above your head.

7.) Take a deep breath in and return back to the center position with your knees bent and head pulling towards your pelvis.

8.) Repeat for a slow and steady motion until fully stretched.